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  2. All Black Everything
    Struttin is a habit

    Bringing Back Black

    The Answer To All Your “What To Wear” Dilemmas 

    Let’s face it, you probably go through the “what-am-I-gonna-wear” struggle at least a few times a week, and for me it usually results in the same outcome: just wear black. Now that summer’s finally heating up - it actually means it’s time to forget about summer and start shopping for Fall (fashun’s like so random) and the first thing on your shopping list should be a pair of black skinny jeans. They will literally be your savior anytime you don’t know what to wear because black is always in style and will pretty much go with anything in your closet. For this outfit, I test drove a pair of new black Express skinnies #EXPRESSJEANS and paired them with - you guessed it - more black! I really love how they fit nice and snug but without being skin tight for that perfect balance of style and comfort. Definitely put these jeans on your must-have list.


    Express Jacket  //  Express Shirt  //  Express Alec Super Skinny Jean  //  Florsheim Shoes


    This post was written as a part of my collaboration with Express. All photos were taken by Justin and edited by me.

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  3. Peach Perfect

    Let’s Try The Monochromatic Look Again

    As much fun as pattern play and layering can be in putting together a great outfit, sometimes simple still comes out on top. Sticking with solids in all one color is one way to tune into the minimal trend but rather than going with the usual suspects like black and white, I opted to go a little bit brighter with this peach outfit. As it turns out, my choice of color couldn’t have been more perfect given my surroundings. I shot this series of photos in Amsterdam right during World Cup fever, and wearing peach - the lighter cousin of the Netherland’s team color, orange - was the perfect way to get into the team spirit. I like the idea of doing the matching colors in a shorts/buttondown combo so it’s not as overbearing as a full-on suit. Just maybe avoid this look in brown at the risk of looking like a UPS guy or a boy scout. Thoughts?


    Katin Shirt  //  Katin Shorts  //  Katin Hat  //  Eytys Sneakers


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    Welcome to Andrew B.Myers ! new photographer of VE agency

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